• February 2007 - Volume 9, Number 7


    Catching trophy crappie requires thinking outside the box.

    I’d had a miserable day of crappie fishing, and only had caught three crappie all day.

    Bushytail hunters can increase their chances by using calls. Just be sure to read and follow instructions on the package.

    Listen, you can hear two gray squirrels and one fox squirrel barking,” I said, whispering to my son after making a young-squirrel-in-distress call.

    Max Phillips has put a lot of time and effort into creating safe, productive hunts every winter.

    The bawl of a loudmouth beagle hot on the trail of a brush-busting cottontail or big-footed swamper is sweet music to the ears of every rabbit hunting fanatic.

    You could learn a lot from an old bird in his seventy year of life.

    When I woke up this morning, I immediately noticed something was different. It was just starting to break daylight, and I hadn’t heard the first vehicle come down the old gravel road.

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