• March 2007 - Volume 9, Number 8


    These lakes earn straight A’s with the biologists who study them. Follow the experts’ advice, and you’ll come home with stretched line and a sore biceps.

    Mississippi bass anglers have a lot of options, with more than 40 lakes around the state under intense management as part of either the State Fishing Lake System or the state park system.

    Okatibbee Lake has a stout crappie population that seems to climb out of the woodwork in March and April.

    Idling across the flats on Okatibbee Lake, Joe Giles alternately studied the LCR and gazed at various points along the shoreline.

    You won’t believe the quality of the bucks a few Mississippi hunters were fortunate enough to take this season.

    The past several years have been tough for Mississippi hunters, with warm weather and past droughts combining to produce few monster bucks.

    Those who aspire to take a big tom with bow and arrow can learn much from Wayne Stewart.

    The Swamp Monster was the name Wayne Stewart had given a certain wild turkey gobbler that lived in the Noxubee River bottom near Stewart’s home and had eluded the bowhunter for the better part of the spring turkey season.