• April 2007 - Volume 9, Number 9


    This technique catches monster crappie year-round on Mississippi’s fish-filled lakes.

    Only the word unbelievable adequately describes the catch that Kent Driscoll and his partner, Terry Byrd, produced a year ago on North Mississippi’s Grenada Lake.

    Don’t put away your tackle boxes just yet. There’s still plenty of bass action across the Magnolia State this month.

    Most avid bass anglers will agree that largemouth bass are more difficult to catch during the post spawn than any other time of the year. The post spawn has caused many seasoned fishermen to question their ability to locate and catch bass.

    Got the post-spawn blues? These guys sure don’t. Follow their tips to put big bass in the boat this month.

    The spring is one of the best times of the year to catch bass, with fish up shallow and aggressively protecting their spawning beds. Anglers simply love picking big sows off the nests.

    You don’t need an expensive lease to have success with gobblers. Try these techniques to fill your bag this hunting season.

    Turkey hunting can throw lots of curve balls. For once, I thought I was ahead of the inside curve by scouting out a good area two weeks in advance of the season opener.

    Snapper limits are falling, so anglers would be wise to target bigger fish this year.

    There is still much debate on the 2007 quota on red snapper regarding recreational anglers. As it looks, the outcome is likely to be a 16-inch minimum total length, two fish per angler per day, with no take allowed for charter captains and deckhands, and that is likely to cause quite a stir among anglers and guides.

    These two experts have engaged in many life-and-death battles with seasoned old birds. Sometimes they’ve come out on top, and sometimes they’ve been whipped pretty soundly.

    Troy Ruiz eased into position and prepared for battle with a local celebrity gobbler well before dawn early one spring morning. He was prepared to hunt the battle-tested gobbler that had eluded all suitors, including him, for at least four years.