• August 2007 - Volume 10, Number 1


    Booming deer populations are taking up residence in neighborhoods. Here’s how to go about hunting them.

    The biggest bucks we could ever dream of hunting could be hiding out virtually right next door in our neighbor’s back yard.

    Tracking dogs can make losing wounded game a thing of the past.

    In the fading light of the fall afternoon, a nice buck appeared, well within bow range of the archer in his treestand at Willow Point, a part of Tara Wildlife near Vicksburg. The hunter drew his bow, released the arrow and hit the buck, but the buck vanished.

    Feral pigs are running amok in Mississippi, presenting frequent targets to opportunistic hunters.

    Mississippi has two types of properties — land with wild hogs and land on the verge of homing feral swine. Feral hogs have become one of the biggest wildlife concerns for most game managers in Mississippi and throughout the nation.

    The month of August was made for catching redfish after redfish off the Mississippi coast.

    Looking for some exciting redfish action this month off Mississippi’s coastal marsh zones, barrier islands, and in the Gulf of Mexico? Well listen up and take note of some of the most productive sites, tactics and gear for landing a few of those bronze bruisers.

    Get a truckload of friends, and head to the Strong River, where tasty catfish are just itchin’ to bite anything you throw to them.

    The long, hot days of summer usually drive many fishermen away from the ponds and lakes by early or mid July.

    Often scorned by their cohorts, anglers who fish crankbaits may actually be the sharpest knives in the drawer.

    Crankbaits have earned the nickname “idiot baits” because they are so easy to fish that any idiot can throw one out, reel it back and catch a bass. And, not to ruffle any feathers across the Magnolia State, but these so-called idiot baits work really well in Mississippi.

    Deer don't seem to mind Mississippi's expanding population, and hunters who learn the tricks of the trade can score on some beasts in close proximity of residential neighborhoods.