• November 2007 - Volume 10, Number 4


    Targeting and dropping the biggest duck in Mississippi will have you giggling with glee. Learn how and where to target canvasbacks in the Magnolia State.

    According to the latest US Fish & Wildlife Service pond counts, most duck species are up from last year, and the fall flight is expected to be another large one. Some species like scaup and pintail remain below the long-term average (-33 percent and -19 percent, respectively), but most other species are showing improvement.

    Follow this guide’s advice to load your boat with Tunica Lake crappie.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Ed “Dawg” Weldon, known throughout the South as the Crappie Dawg of Tunica Lake, has fished Tunica for 40 years. In 1990, when Weldon retired, he started fishing Tunica even more. As a guide, he earns a portion of his living by knowing where the crappie are every month at Tunica and how to catch them.

    The rolling waters of Mississippi Sound offer some of the best public duck hunting in the South.

    Southeast winds on the Mississippi Sound were building, and a thunderstorm was fast approaching, bringing ominous, dark, rain-filled clouds.

    Warm temperatures are the bane of every deer hunter, but there are ways to put the odds in your favor when the mercury rises above the tree tops.

    Deer hunting in hot weather stinks. Literally! Just sitting there in a tree stand with those pesky mosquitoes buzzing all around my eyes, nose and ears with the sweat beads rolling down the back of my shirt and beyond is not exactly my idea of whitetail hunting under ideal conditions.

    Different stands are useful for different deer hunters in different locations. Here’s how to know what to buy and where to put it.

    Any successful bowhunter will tell you that nothing can ruin a hunt quicker than ineffective stand placement and setup. And while it is more critical for the bowhunter because of the limited capabilities associated with archery gear, rifle hunters can learn a great deal by taking a peak at the bowhunter’s playbook.

    The state makes it easy for adults to introduce kids to the incomparable thrill of harvesting a whitetail deer.

    In a flash, the buck charged into the herd of does and younger bucks, scattering them in all directions. The monster was furious that an immature buck had moved in on his harem.

    Joel Melton shot this massive-racked 8-pointer last season with a muzzleloader while hunting near Jackson.