• January 2008 - Volume 10, Number 6


    Aggressive calling pays dividends-if you know what you’re doing.

    The water was high, but it wouldn’t be for long.

    There’s still time to bag the buck of your dreams, if you follow these tips.

    Easing along the old logging trail in the pre-dawn darkness, I was stopped in my tracks by the aromatic smell of a musty rutting buck. Sensing one was nearby, I eased down and waited for daylight.

    Red snapper season won’t open for several months, but mangroves are plentiful and eager to bite all along the Mississippi coast.

    During much of the year, red snapper are off-limits to Mississippi anglers, and drastically reduced creel counts make them less attractive to anglers when the season is open.

    Side-troll your way to coolers of crappie this month on fish-filled Pickwick Lake.

    Don’t expect to go to Pickwick Lake and see numbers of treetops, brush tops, standing timber and invisible cover that you can fish, because you won’t.

    There is simply no better way to extend the wing-shooting seasons than by targeting crows throughout the late winter.

    “If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.”

    — Henry Ward Beecher

    It’s late in the year, and deer are smarter than Albert Einstein. But that doesn’t mean they won’t fall for this bag of tricks.

    Just when you think you’ve heard it or seen it all when it comes to deer hunting, somebody comes up with a whole new twist or trick. Some folks even within the marketing industry working within the hunting sports say there really is nothing new, just simply the same old stuff, renamed, repackaged and rolled out in a new ad campaign.

    It's been a great year for hunters targeting big bucks, like Doyle Moorehead. He shot this 220-pound 13 point beauty in Hinds County.