• June 2008 - Volume 10, Number 11


    Learn more about deer habits to make smarter decisions during the coming season.

    For as long as hunters have been pursuing the great white-tailed deer for food or trophy, they have been comparing notes. Multiple generations of hunters, wildlife managers and deer researchers have been amassing data sets and knowledge about the commonalities among whitetails.

    Tom Bailey is known for its trophy bream, but if you get over there any time in the near future, you’ll swear the place is way overstocked with bass.

    I recall my wife forcing me to go to a wedding that I didn’t want to attend. My position was that they were her old high-school friends, and since I didn’t really know any of them, I wasn’t going to waste my day.

    Location and preservation are the keys to crankbait success this month.

    The way Steve Barnett harps on location, you’d think he was a real estate agent. Actually, the tournament angler/bass guide is most proficient at putting a crankbait in the right spot to make an easy sale to any bass with an appetite.

    The most important scouting many deer hunters will do this time of year is for a lease. Here are some things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

    Most deer hunters over the age of 40 can remember a time when it was easy to find a prime hunting area where pressure was almost non-existent.

    Need an adrenaline charge? Here’s what you need to know to do hand-to-hand combat with the biggest fish in our fresh waters.

    May 1 signaled the start of one of the most peculiar periods in Mississippi — catfish-grabbling season.

    Heading to Tom Bailey to catch bream? Be sure to take bass gear.