• November 2008 - Volume 11, Number 4


    Hunting for white-fronted geese is growing in popularity and productivity in the Magnolia State.

    When I mention goose hunting to average bystanders, most of them immediately comment about the thousands of snow geese seen standing by the roadside during the winter months and early spring.

    You don’t need thousands of acres of land to grow bucks that would look great on anyone’s wall.

    Clayton Brister Jr. of Monticello has proved the old adage “less is more”, especially when planning green fields and plots for big bucks. Most hunters search for large tracts of land to hunt, thinking that the more property they have to hunt, the more and bigger bucks they can take.

    Throw the TV out the window, and head down to Ross Barnett, where the channel is loaded with active crappie.

    This month, the most watched channels for crappie anglers won’t be on TV; they’ll be on Ross Barnett Reservoir.

    Using trail cameras effectively will help you harvest more deer this year.

    Deer hunters are always looking for an edge to help them harvest that buck of a lifetime, and as any successful deer hunter will acknowledge, information is the most valuable resource when hunting trophy whitetails.

    Call it what you will, but this huge section of marsh just off of Bay St. Louis delivers all the speckled trout and redfish you care to catch this month.

    Just a hop, skip and jump from South Mississippi’s Bayou Caddy is one of the most celebrated saltwater fisheries along the entire Gulf Coast.

    Use this bag of tricks to add antlers to your wall this hunting season.

    Ever heard of a hunter catching a buck on a buzz bait? Sometimes it seems that deer hunters seeking trophy bucks are just like lunker bass anglers in terms of their pursuit. Each has their favorite spots to “test the waters,” and each has high hopes that the very next cast or shot will yield the trophy they seek.

    Mississippi Hunters are experts a coming up with out-of-the-box methods for luring big bucks into range.