• January 2009 - Volume 11, Number 6


    New research reveals when Mississippi turkeys gobble, what they eat and what’s eating them.

    To learn how landowners can have more turkeys on their land, the link between turkey management and timber management and the latest research on turkey predation, Mississippi Sportsman talked with Dave Godwin, wild turkey program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP).

    Think late-season duck hunting is tough? Use these tactics, and you’ll soon realize that late is great.

    January duck hunting in the Magnolia State is quite a bit different than hunting early-season birds in December. Birds that have been pounded from Canada to the Gulf are quite wary, and hunting them at the tail-end of our duck season can be frustrating to say the least.

    Is all hope lost? Not by a long shot. Follow this guide, and you may yet get that buck for the wall.

    “I am slap worn out from deer hunting this season. Nothing has gone right. The food plots were half-you-know-what with no rain early, then the first frost whacked them back. They never recovered. The landowner let firewood cutters come in to saw logs every weekend. I just love the sound of a chainsaw a hundred yards from my best tree stand. Then the annual December heat wave hit to shut down the rut. I’m ready to toss in the towel.”

    — Utica hunter Kevin Coughran

    Take a ride with this successful bass angler, and see how he mines his January honeyholes.

    While that’s a nice bass anywhere in the state, it’s especially good for bitter January temperatures.

    This month, don’t overlook the excellent slab crappie fishing that awaits you on the “other side” of your favorite reservoir.

    “The colder the weather, the better the fishing gets” is the way professional angler Kent Driscoll describes the crappie fishing behind the dam at Ross Barnett Reservoir.

    Follow late-season strategies this month, or you'll be waiting at least another nine to get that big buck on your wall.