• November 2009 - Volume 12, Number 4


    Some of the best deer hunting in the South is in North Mississippi, and these veteran hunters have just the tactics to help you put a trophy on your wall.

    The hunting terrain across North Mississippi is some of the most varied in the state. Hunters have an option of taking deer from the lower reaches of the Appalachians to the deep, rich soils along the Mississippi River.

    Make a drift on this scenic river, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

    As our canoe drifted toward the shallow shoals of the Chunky River, an angler pitched a Rattlin’ Chug Bug right to the crest of the shoals and started his retrieve. In a split second the Chug Bug disappeared, and the angler bowed up on a feisty spotted bass.

    This lake’s crappie are still a few months from spawning, but the way they act in November, you can tell they’re already thinking about it.

    Few lakes in the state stir the hearts of crappie fishermen like Eagle. An old oxbow, now locked out from the constant fluctuations of Muddy Bayou and the Yazoo River beyond, Eagle Lake is co-managed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks and the Eagle Lake Management Board.

    Public-land managers have created waterfowl paradises that are accessible to anyone with a Mississippi license.

    As the Jet Stream dips southward and cool north winds enter the Magnolia State, the fall migration of North American waterfowl will bring swarms of birds into Mississippi.

    Follow this guide to up your odds of finding and successfully hunting scrapes.

    For certain these days every savvy deer hunter recognizes the significance of an active scrape when one is identified, and is always excited by the propositions it could present.

    Don’t have a pricey lease? Who cares? Visit these public areas, and you’ll put some birds on your straps.

    It doesn’t matter how good you can call. It doesn’t matter how pretty your decoys are. It doesn’t matter how well your blind is brushed.

    The rut is looming, which means hunters would be wise to learn how to hunt scrapes.