• October 2010 - Volume 13, Number 3


    Humans rely on eyesight and memory to distinguish other folks, but a whitetail’s world of communication is performed primarily through the work of glands and scents.

    Scent pheromones and their distinct odors are instinctively utilized by whitetails to convey a realm of communication related to dominant hierarchy and sexual interactions. They are crucial for other social relations — particularly with females raising their offspring. These scents are produced by several different glands, and serve deer of all ages and both sexes.

    Take advantage of the first part of the season to drop the buck of your dreams.

    Each year, Magnolia State bowhunters dole out wads of cash on the latest models of tree stands, scent elimination products, camouflage patterns, deer calls, doe-in-heat scents, high-tech bows, arrows and broadheads — anything that will hopefully give us an edge at taking a trophy buck.

    The closest thing you’ll find to a sure thing around Greenville this month is locating crappie around Lake Ferguson brushpiles.

    By definition, gambling is to bet on an uncertain outcome, typically in a game of risk. For those who enjoy the prospect of gambling, Greenville, in the heart of the Delta, is a great fall destination offering the charm of an authentic “river town” along with casino gambling.

    This young hunter is wise beyond his years, and he’s got the horns on the wall to prove it. Follow his tactics, and you’ll likely encounter a lifetime buck this season.

    Just up the trace from Natchez, a few miles from Fayette and perhaps closer to Church Hill, rests a little place where a few extended families come together each fall called the Cottonseed Hunting Club.

    This month, the schooling-bass action on Ross Barnett is phenomenal.

    Ross Barnett is a relatively shallow lake, and the most-popular pattern this month is fishing the lily pads and the lily-pad stems. However, one of my favorite ways to fish this month is for schooling bass.

    Randy Pearcy hunts public land with a bow and arrow, and yet he frequently kills bigger bucks than hunters on high-dollar leases.

    One can’t help but admire the benchmark attributes of a truly dedicated bowhunter. I am no longer counted among the ranks because a shoulder injury prevents me from pulling and holding a bow at full draw. In fact, I gave all my bowhunting gear to a guy at work who wanted to get into it. Now he suffers from the affliction of bowhunting.

    Fish these 10 spots, and you’ll turn this lake’s bass into harmless puppies that eat out of the palm of your hands.

    Shortly before dawn, veteran angler Ed Aycock thrust his hot foot down. The Skeeter boat popped up on plane, and we were on our way for a day of fishing on Wolf Lake.

    All the talk every season is about the rut, but right now is arguably your best time to kill a big buck.