• December 2010 - Volume 13, Number 5


    Follow these experts’ innovative tips to greatly up your odds for finding wall-hanger bucks this season.

    On the History Channel’s American Pickers, the main characters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz rummage around in the far reaches of the American outback scrounging for hidden treasures and trophies.

    The trees have been battered and the ground torn apart. Now the ritual intensifies as antler clashing echoes and the chasing of does heightens. Finally the dominant breeders tend their mates as the whitetail rut peaks.

    Once bucks are in the height of pursuing does, their instincts for survival are somewhat diminished. Their eyes, ears and noses are focused on estrus does, and although they can still respond to threats, most of the time it takes them a few seconds longer to put two and two together. This stupor of hesitation on a rutting buck’s part offers a grand opportunity to bring him down.

    This team’s crappie technique works remarkably well in the wintertime.

    Bernard Williams and Don Terry finished second in the 2009-10 Magnolia Crappie Club championship. And to hear them tell it, they felt a little bit like they used to feel when their mommas made them go get their own switches for their butt whippings.

    Deer are more likely to use food plots and show up around established stands when the season opens. But what about when hunting pressure pushes them away from these easy hunting locations? Adjusting is the answer.

    Tommy Milioto Jr. knew the deer was on his property near Liberty. He had seen too many pictures of the fine buck. The problem was all the pictures were snapped at night.

    Do you enjoy squirrel hunting? Are you a deer-hunting nut? What about ducks? And crows? Even rabbits? This season, hunt them all at the same time.

    Last year I was fortunate to take two nice bucks by early December. With only one antler tag left for six more weeks of deer hunting, I decided to try something different for the rest of the season.

    This oxbow lake has baitfish galore, and that means it also holds more than its share of bass. Fish these 10 spots, and you’ll see what we mean.

    As Ed Aycock launched his boat recently at Chotard Landing, we were quickly enveloped by thick fog that blanketed the lake and cut the visibility to near zero and white-out conditions. Distant memories came flooding back from fantastic fishing and hunting trips to this same lake 25 years ago.

    Has your duck hunting gotten boring? Follow this guide to lure cooperative flocks close to your gun barrel on the Mississippi Sound.

    When you mention diving ducks to most Mississippi hunters, especially in the Delta, most will give you a weird look and say a few choice words. The scaup and other divers that are prize waterfowl in some parts of the country just aren’t that popular in the Magnolia State.

    There have been some beasts killed already this year. Kolby Byrd arrowed this Pope & Young buck on family land near Hermanville on Oct. 6.