• March 2011 - Volume 13, Number 8


    The 2009 hatch wasn’t exactly a good one, but there will still be some fine hunting in select regions this season.

    Nothing speaks to the soul of a turkey hunter like the booming gobble of a Mississippi longbeard. He hears it as an irresistible challenge that must be answered, at whatever cost.

    Even in bitterly cold conditions, this lake still delivers the goods.

    Current weather conditions: 22 degrees with bright bluebird skies, 10 to 15 mph winds on the second day after a cold front has passed through.

    The Magnolia State’s lakes and reservoirs offer some of the best crappie fishing in the country. Enjoyed by Mississippians for decades, the word about our high-quality crappie opportunities has spread, and now Mississippi is a prime destination for out-of-state anglers and crappie tournaments.

    If you were a farmer, you wouldn’t harvest crops the old-fashioned way, so why stick to tradition when crappie fishing?

    Old-timers may not like it, but progress is part of life. Heck, if my dad still had his way, he’d have me out in the fields harvesting and threshing grain stalks by hand.

    After a long winter, crappie are moving into the shallows of Ross Barnett Reservoir. Here’s where to find them.

    For those who knew what they were looking at and could appreciate it, this was a sight to behold. The scene took place on Ross Barnett Reservoir.

    Big bucks fell like leaves in the fall this season. Here are some of the stories of the hunts that resulted in wallhangers.

    Hunting began with a bang for Bogue Chitto’s Kolby Byrd when he arrowed a 150-inch 9-point on Oct. 6, and that big kill heralded the beginning of what turned into the best season since 2007.

    If the cover is calling your name, it’s probably because warming temperatures are cluing you in that the crappie are biting.

    The rod tip bobbled ever so slightly. The guide barely spoke “wait.” The action was playing out faster than my brain could calculate it all. Then beyond the bobble, the tip jerked straight down as I flipped the cork grip upward in an automatic reaction.

    The cold weather helped deer hunters like Jonathon Allen whack some monsters this season.