• April 2011 - Volume 13, Number 9


    This time of year, it takes humongous stringers to win local tournaments on this underrated bass lake.

    Terry Bates shut off the big motor, climbed up on the front deck, and began casting his spinnerbait into the shallow water around the cypress trees of Lake Washington.

    Hop over the side of your boat if you want to increase your crappie haul this spring.

    In the same vein as wondering why somebody would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I asked John Harrison why anybody would want to jump out of a perfectly good boat.

    Mississippi’s small public waters can add up to some big slabs. Here’s where to find them.

    Even in a state as rich in crappie venues as Mississippi, small state lakes play an important role in providing quality fishing for residents who may not be able to regularly visit the big impoundments, or who feel more comfortable fishing smaller waters. The MDWFP operates 21 prime fishing lakes throughout the state that offer outstanding fishing on 4,643 acres of picturesque waters.

    If you think land improvement and vegetation manipulation is for deer, not ducks, read on. There are steps you can take now to ensure waterfowl flock to your property this fall.

    All too often duck hunters ask the infamous question: “What can I plant for ducks?” Most hunters have visions of corn, milo, rice and soybeans in their heads when they think of food for ducks.

    This doctor kills his limit every year by putting himself exactly where big gobblers want to go.

    I have never met anyone who loves to hunt more than Dr. Eddie Lipscomb of Port Gibson. Doc, as he is known by his friends, hunts just about everything — deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, ducks, geese, crows, quail and pheasant.

    A perfected technique allows these two fishermen to fool crappie that are inaccessible to other anglers.

    Bass anglers have long known that they could catch fish behind other anglers if they put their baits where those other anglers could not or would not. Pitching and flipping came about as ways to accomplish this goal.

    Unusual techniques are delivering crazy amounts of crappie for Magnolia State anglers right now.