• May 2011 - Volume 13, Number 10


    Spend a May day fishing crappie on Okatibbee Lake

    Joe Giles is an expert bass angler and crappie angler who has spent a lifetime fishing Okatibbee Lake. Though he fishes for bass during most of the year, he concentrates on catching the succulent slabs from late February during pre-spawn, into April and through the spawn.

    Report says where Mississippi’s best deer hunting is located

    According to Mark Twain, “Most people use statistics the way a drunk uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination.”

    May full moon turns on Mississippi bream

    “The worst thing you could do in here is run the trolling motor,” quipped Grenada bream expert Brad Kilgore as he sculled with one hand and flipped his cork back into the hole from which he had just snatched a feisty hand-sized bream.

    Plant crops to see high duck numbers

    If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “What can I plant for ducks?”

    Mississippi bowfishing a summertime treat.

    For any casual archery fan who has ever considered giving the sport of bowfishing a try, participate at your own risk. Upon release of that first arrow — cowering over the front rail of the boat with bugs in your teeth, gas fumes in your nostrils and the roar of the generator ringing in your ears — odds are you’ll miss the fish but stick the arrow deep into your own heart.

    Play the music coyotes like to hear, and you’ll put a dent in this predator population.

    In today’s world, all too often wildlife populations are negatively impacted by human expansion. Too many times, urban sprawl and human progression mean the loss of habitat and a decrease in wildlife numbers.

    This month's full moon is like a siren to bream, announcing that it's time to procreate.