• July 2011 - Volume 13, Number 12


    Bouie River full of active summer bass

    Daniel Netterville pitched a Popping Frog onto a patch of grass, and began working it back to the boat in a rhythmic walk-the-dog pattern. As the frog emerged from the cover of the grass, a bass exploded from the depths and crushed the toad.

    Rivers hold summer’s best crappie action

    Daybreak on a July morning in South Mississippi makes you glad to be alive. Unfortunately by 10 a.m., that feeling is long gone, and you’re looking for a place to get out of the heat.

    How to turn virgin land into a hunting haven

    If you dream hard enough, you can make anything happen. That is if you are willing to work for it.

    Hook a monster grouper, and all your other cares will melt away.

    Specialization is a Social Studies vocabulary word that every 8th grader in the state of Mississippi should know. It is an economic term that essentially refers to someone becoming particularly interested in or good at an occupation, interest or field of study.

    July is perfect time to start scouting bucks.

    When it comes to hunting whitetails with stick and string, Jimmy Cassell of Port Gibson takes this challenging sport quite seriously. While most archers consider it an achievement to harvest any legal buck, Cassell sets his standards much higher. In fact, he has passed up more 140+-class whitetails than most hunters ever encounter in a lifetime. His bowhunting success is evident by the numerous trophy bucks that adorn the walls of his Claiborne County home.

    Floods have mild impact on state’s deer herd

    With record-breaking flood levels along the mighty Mississippi from Tunica to Natchez, outdoorsmen and wildlife fans were left wondering if the Delta’s deer would survive. Did the deer losses number in the hundreds, or maybe in the thousands? Will the surviving deer starve? And how long will it take them to starve? Would there be any deer left in the Mississippi Delta? Would their numbers ever rebound to allow hunting again? How long would it take for the population to rebound, if it ever does?

    Sure, it's hot as Hades, but if you want to get a jump on your bucks, now's the time to do it.