• August 2011 - Volume 14, Number 1


    Dollar lilies draw bass like magnets this time of year

    In Martella’s case, the frequency he participates in the outdoors may just be his secret to success. It’s long been said you can’t get into the action while sitting on the bench.

    There are easy ways to keep poachers off your land

    As a landowner or leaseholder, you have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of your property. You have worked hard on your land and you have the right to invite or keep out anyone you wish, within the limits of the law.

    Summer stress doesn’t have to hurt your deer herd

    Jimmy Nolen’s stalking slowed to a crawl as he encountered a massive buck rub on the trunk of a large tree. The scrape situated just below the overhanging limbs was so hot it was almost smoking, so Nolen eased his way toward his hunting spot. He quickly climbed up into the stand overlooking a hardwood bottom, and silently scanned the woods for any sign of a deer.

    The Tenn-Tomm Waterway maintains strong crappie action throughout the summer

    The Tennessee–Tombigbee Waterway is a 234-mile man-made waterway that extends from the Tennessee River to the junction of the Black Warrior-Tombigbee River system near Demopolis, Ala. Popularly known as the Tenn-Tom, the waterway was completed in December 1984 after 12 years of construction at a cost of nearly $2 billion.

    Mississippi’s Big Black River is ground zero for buck production

    Virtually every state in the nation that offers white-tailed deer hunting has a river system or river basin region associated with its high-quality deer production.

    State-record bowhunters share secrets for success

    Will Rives cut his teeth hunting with his father, hitting the woods when he was 6 years old and killing his first deer with a bow on Oct. 25, 1985 — when he was 11.

    The Burkley cousins have a few ideas about how to successfully hunt trophy bucks.