• October 2011 - Volume 14, Number 3


    Stand locations absolutely vital to deer hunting success

    For most deer hunters these days, the term “deer stand” conjures up images of a nice and cozy box stand situated on the edge of a lush, green food plot. And while these shooting houses can be effective in taking a trophy whitetail, not all hunters (especially many of the old-timers) see them in a very favorable light.

    Hard work leads lady hunter to big bucks

    Chesnee Wallace stalked silently yet deliberately on her way to a tree stand in a secluded area of Newton County in search of a nice buck. Wallace had joined a group of friends on the hunt, but preferred hunting alone on her stand.

    Many state WMAs earn top grades for deer hunting.

    There are many reasons to hunt public land in Mississippi. First and foremost, it should be because the hunting is very good, no matter if you are a trophy hunter or just hoping to put some meat in the freezer. As leased land becomes more expensive and the economy remains sluggish, economics is becoming another contributing factor.

    Love looking at the photos from your trail cameras? Why not take those photos and use them to help tweak your deer-management program?

    David Ellis is like many hunters these days, setting up trail cameras on his property near Natchez to see if he has any monster bucks roaming the 160 acres.

    Follow shad for Barnett autumn crappie bite

    Before the West was won, Native American tribes roamed the high plains following vast herds of buffalo. The buffalo were sustenance for the Indians, and their customs, heritage and culture reflected that. Wherever the buffalo roamed, Indians were not far behind.

    Bass can’t say no to soft-plastic stickbaits

    Say you want to fish reaction baits, finesse and traditional Texas-rigging in the same trip. How many baits is that? Three? Maybe more?

    Planning to put up stands this month? Make sure you place them in the right spots.