• November 2011 - Volume 14, Number 4


    It’s no surprise that trolling crankbaits catches crappie, but during cold weather? In an oxbow? What are these guys thinking?

    Have you ever stayed up late and watched one of those high-pressure infomercials on cable TV? The guy with the big teeth and the slick hair and the fast talk tries to convince you that this contraption right … HEEERRE … can do everything from grow hair on your bald head to save you money on your car insurance.

    Fish these 10 spots, and you’ll likely have enough fish to share with your neighbors.

    Last summer, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill threatened our beaches. Subsequently, most of our saltwater fishing areas were closed by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.

    Want to kill a deer on Bogue Chitto NWR? Then you’d better leave your climber at home.

    Before Hurricane Katrina, Washington Parish deer hunter Alan Williams hunted Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge from the ground because he wanted to. Now, more than six years after the historic hurricane, he hunts from the ground because he has to.

    As cold weather sets in, bucks accelerate signposting activity — battering trees with their hardened antlers and stout foreheads. Amid this labyrinth of rut madness, bucks still instinctively focus on a particular tree — searching for the old traditional

    The rut is close. By procreative instinct, a mature hefty 8-pointer traverses the land. Ascending a bluff ridge, the persistent male steadily climbs the steep vegetative terrain with ease. His path is precise; the buck has ventured the topography many times before. Although he periodically stops to investigate a few licking branch scrapes and flehmens doe urine, he directs his attention toward old trees with distinguished markings.

    Anyone can get lucky and kill a nice buck, but taking trophies consistently is another matter altogether. Here are some tips on how to up your odds.

    Brad Hammill knew he wanted to hunt the food plot. After all, there was ample proof there were bucks to be killed in the area during the early 2010-11 season.

    These two hunters’ youth belies their experience and success targeting and harvesting trophy bucks.

    Madison County cousins Trey and Swayze Bozeman are like a lot of youngsters in our state, as both love to deer hunt. But that’s where the comparison ends, as these youngsters have already become accomplished trophy hunters in their own right.

    Madison County hunter Swayze Bozeman has taken some ridiculously big bucks in his young hunting career.