• September 2013 - Volume 16, Number 2


    Hunting season begins in a month, so it’s time to plan out your hunting trips. Here’s a guide with all the information you’ll need.

    Spearheaded by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the state has developed one of the premier public hunting programs.

    This lake turns out some great fish in the cooler months of the year, but those big bass haven’t gone north for the winter. So it’s just a matter of knowing how to target these summertime lunkers.

    Michael Suggs launched his Pro Craft into the hot water of Okhissa Lake at the crack of dawn on a recent summer day, with surface temperatures reaching the 90-degree mark.

    There’s no reason to stop fishing coastal waters just because reds and trout move out to the barrier islands. Instead, gear up and wrestle sheepshead off pilings in the bays.

    The 16-foot Uncle Buck’s Crappie Pole allowed Biloxi’s Kyle Perry to drop the bait straight down into the strike zone. Perry’s bait hadn’t sunk 18 inches when the bright-yellow tip of the pole bobbed twice and then went straight down.

    Summer crappie fishing, like the weather, can be hot on Barnett Reservoir — if you follow these experts’ tips.

    It was hot, steamy hot — so much so that it was difficult to breathe, and the worst was yet to come.

    You’ve got 15 days this month to make a dent in Mississippi’s burgeoning population of resident Canada geese. Make every one of them count.

    Sunlight rays were penetrating over the top of the horizon when the band of goose hunters realized they were about to get some company. The hunting party laid back in their individual coffin blinds arranged side by side on the cutover cornfield, and folded the doors shut as a flock of Canada geese numbering in the high teens winged their way into the field.

    Feral swine have become epidemic in large parts of the country, ruining property and shouldering out deer. Hunters can play a major role in bringing them under control.

    With the morning light decorating the tops of the tallest trees,  a big doe stepped into the food plot and nibbled at a fresh stand of clover. Soon, a pair of yearlings joined the doe, and then more made their way to the area.

    With hunting season knocking on the door, it's time to figure out which public areas are the best.