• December 2013 - Volume 16, Number 5


    Cooler conditions, and a largemouth’s need to feed, can actually produce a hot bite.

    December is the month for celebrating Christmas, football bowl games, fireplaces, deer hunting and bass fishing. 

    Think you’ve got to be nestled along the Mississippi River to experience great duck hunting? These die-hard hunters know that’s not always the case.

    It wasn’t the first wave of wings that caught my attention, because I was doing my job. I was fooling with my camera trying to capture all the action before it was over. 

    The rut is the best time to catch a wiley old buck out and about, but connecting doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Parker Temple eased toward his stand on an early morning deer hunt and climbed to the top of the ladder to wait for daylight. He was eager and for good reason. It was the peak of the rut and he was hopeful to see some action. 

    Want to see more deer this season? Take some advice from these hunters and watch the numbers go up dramatically.

    As firearm season rolls out across Mississippi in late November and December, some deer hunters have already had opportunities at deer. After two months of archery season, three weeks of youth gun season, and the early primitive weapon season, whitetails are feeling the hunting pressure. 

    The rut kicks in this month, so learn everything you need to know to ambush that wily old buck.