• January 2014 - Volume 16, Number 6


    This expert shares his winter bass-fishing tactics — and favorite biscuit stop — on the Pascagoula River.

    My guide Kyle Graham knows the Pascagoula River system by heart. So when he suggested we meet at Buff’s Quick Stop in Escatawpa, I should have known there was an underlying reason.

    A local expert gives the 411 on how and where to catch catfish on this Tenn-Tom Waterway lake.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2012, Phillip Gentry wrote a series of articles for Mississippi Sportsman describing crappie hotspots on 12 destinations across the state. Each month included 10 locations (including GPS coordinates) of where to go and how to catch fish. Our readers’ overwhelming response to the crappie series prompted us to suggest he write a similar series for 2014 for catfish. It will take us from the Tenn-Tom Waterway to the Mighty Mississippi, and all sorts of waters in between. Thanks to the pro and veteran anglers who took Gentry to each and every location and shared not only their secret fishing holes but also their tactics. We hope you enjoy them and use them to catch some fish.

    Maintaining tenacity is the key to finding late-season January trophies.

    As the last rays of sunlight were disappearing on the final day of last hunting season, Ron Jolly was about ready to call it a year when the action heated up. 

    White-fronted geese will dance the dance, if given a chance in the corn-filled Delta.

    With each dip of his kayak paddle, 13-year-old Grady Gunn glided through the slough on the outskirts of Moorhead toward the last downed gadwall of the morning hunt. By the time the paddler returned to the shoreline, a roar was beginning to build.

    To increase your odds at a trophy lovesick buck, pay attention to variables and follow these tips.

    If ever the cards are stacked in favor of a deer hunter, it is during the rut. Typically this is the phase of a buck’s life when hormonal trends focus on the business of procreation, with less regard for personal safety. Obviously, with mating involved, the piece of the puzzle fulfilled by the doe component must be considered.

    Our experts tell you when, where and how to get your January limit.

    Tommy Hemphill has the perfect answer for an age-old question: Does it get too cold to crappie fish? 

    Cool weather finally had deer moving in December, and the big boys were falling. Learn late-season tactics and catch up on all the trophies killed thus far.