• April 2014 - Volume 16, Number 9


    Catching big sow bass off their beds has nothing to do with enticing them to eat. Instead, it’s all about aggravating them. Here are some expert tips for success.

    Pete Ponds slid his big bass boat into position, with the bow pointed right into a little nook of a cove on the upper end of Okhissa Lake. He was kneeling on the front deck working the trolling motor with his hands.

    Hunt later, call less and call lightly, and turkey biology can work for you. Here are how these local hunters close the deal with gobblers.

    Morning jumps to life in the spring, that special time when the morning music of the breaking dawn begins, when a turkey hunter can sit very still and realize he is witnessing the way the nature awakens when he is not there. 

    April is the time to catch catfish on Pearl River, and here’s where you can go to load the boat.

    Editor’s Note: The fourth stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour takes us to Southwest Mississippi, Lawrence County and the Pearl River, where Albert Fortenberry of New Hebron loads his boat with flatheads, blues and channel cats from his trotlines.

    This public-land hunter embraces the challenges posed by over-pressured toms and other hunters. Learn how he finds success.

    A lot of turkey hunters shy away from public lands in the spring, believing them to be too crowded with sportsmen and home to birds that are too heavily pressured and act spooked all season long.

    Boat space, accessory placement and functionality impact fishing efficiency. Here’s how to make the most of your day on the water.

    Like fighter pilots controlling a complex system of observation and tactical response, crappie anglers perched on the bow in tight-lining operations must control a bristling array of rods, while constantly monitoring speed, heading and targets on the periphery. 

    Two of Mississippi’s best turkey call designers give tips for getting gobblers close.

    Joey Rose peered into the still dark early morning woods and sent out an owl hoot, and the forest sent him a response.

    Turkey season is finally in full swing, but how do you kill those wary birds? Everything you need to know is in this issue.