• June 2014 - Volume 16, Number 11


    Barnett Reservoir is full of catfish, and catching them on free-floating fishing devices is fun and easy.

    Editor’s Note: The sixth stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour takes us to the heart of the state and Barnett Reservoir, where one family has found juggin’ as the best way to catch fish.

    When the crappie bite gets tough, you can either go home empty handed or increase your bait’s appeal by taking advantage of scents.

    Successful crappie anglers typically exude that common sense vibe. Theirs is a straightforward approach with little room for extravagance.

    This angler overcomes fishing pressure on this small lake to unlock a tough post-spawn pattern.

    Watching a bunch of boats blast off for a bass tournament was not what Steve Grace wanted to see when he pulled up to the ramp at Kemper County Lake, and it meant the fisherman would have to alter his plans on the 652-acre lake.

    Perry says bass anglers will see similarities in the approaches to putting delectable flounder in the boat.

    Kyle Perry’s creature bait landed in the shoreline grass without a splash or a ripple, but it never reached the bottom.

    Private landowners, lease holders and deer hunters all over the state are interested in better deer management on the properties where they hunt. Many hunters of both the older generations and the younger deer hunters that are really turned on by the intr

    Basically they want better deer hunting where they hunt. This usually translates into the desire to grow and harvest bigger bucks, balance their deer herd to achieve a better buck-doe ratio, increase deer observations and take more direct control over the management fate of the deer they hunt. Naturally this is often much more easily talked about than accomplished. Quality deer management takes time, and adherence to specific goals. It’s not for every deer manager, landowner, lease holder or deer club. 

    Flounder are invading the coast this month, while inshore there are plenty of crappie to be caught.