• July 2014 - Volume 16, Number 12


    This captain swears croakers just catch bigger trout. Here’s how to fish these awesome baitfish.

    When Capt. Joey Garriga stopped his 24-foot Triton bay boat in the middle of nowhere in the Gulf of Mexico, it begged a question.

    At Lake Washington, catfish are plentiful and the technique is fun. Here’s all you need to know to go load up your boat.

    Editor’s Note: The seventh stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour takes us back to The Delta to Lake Washington, which was famous for its catfish production long before it became known as the snake hand-grabbing capitol of the world. At this old oxbow, the popular method for getting a box-full of eating-sized cats is yo-yoing.

    The emergence of vegetation has created honey hole for frogs. So beef up your tackle and drag some fish to the boat.


    A hungry bass rewarded Ken Murphy quickly, smashing his frog as he worked the pads and grass on an old minnow pond dam in Okatibbee Lake. He had pulled only the one rod from his rod locker, and the custom-made swimming frog tied to it produced the first strike of the day.

    The stretch of the Pearl River below Barnett Reservoir is ideal for float for bass, if you know the ins and outs.

    When people talk about the Pearl River “between the dams,” the conversation likely involves the water between the main dam of Barnett Reservoir and the low head dam 33 miles upriver at the north end of the lake in Scott County.

    Limited-access public lands offer great opportunity for lucky applicants. Here’s how to get in on the action.

    Anticipation is a deer hunter’s mantra, as important to the enjoyment of the sport as pulling a trigger. 

    With 2 million acres, Mississippi deer hunters keep scoring big. Here are details on the WMAs most likely to produce.

    All deer hunters have a lot in common, including the consistent desire to harvest a nice buck for bragging rights with friends and a wall display at home or at the office. 

    With hunting season right around the corner, it's time to get ready for your time in the woods.