• September 2014 - Volume 17, Number 2


    There are plenty of public-land hunting opportunities in Mississippi, but which wildlife management areas offer the best chances of success? Here’s the rundown for this season.

    Shortly after the crack of dawn I eased into the hardwood bottom being careful not to make a sound or step on a twig. I made it only about 100 yards when a massive buck exploded from the thicket about 30 yards in front of me. 

    Known more for its slab crappie, Grenada Lake is also a catfish hotspot. Here are the best places to target.

    (Editor’s Note: The ninth stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour leads us to North Mississippi and a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood control project at Grenada, where the whiskered fish are mostly overlooked, except by some smart anglers. September is a peak time to get ’em).

    What’s your first thought when you finally down that trophy buck? Yep, who should you get to mount it? Follow these tips can help ensure your taxidermist can do his best work.

    Other than taking the shot that puts the trophy buck on the ground, few things create more excitement for a deer hunter than the trip to the taxidermy shop to get the first look at the finished mount.

    Chasing bass from a plastic boat is the hottest tactic to try on TVA’s Pickwick Lake — or any other Mississippi fishing hole — this time of year.

    A life-long bass fisherman — he started when he was 6, Karl Hudson of Corinth began realizing few years ago that his love of chasing largemouth was diminishing.

    Deer are experts at finding natural foods, even mushrooms. And that gives you an edge when choosing where to place your stand.

    Beyond the food plots, whitetails are still at work, browsing native forage within woodlands and forested areas.

    Hunting seasons are a month away, so it's time to plan your vacation. Here are your options.