• December 2014 - Volume 17, Number 5


    Unseasonable doesn’t mean unreasonable, if you are prepared. Here’s how to score on a deer, even when the mercury soars.

    It was hot in the deer stand, so much so that sweat was dripping off my nose. It was even running off my eyebrows, landing on the lens of my riflescope and blurring my view.

    Using the old oxbow Tunica Lake as a base, Mississippi River fishermen have a sure bet on cold-water catfish action.

    (Editor’s Note: The final stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour takes us back to the Mississippi River, based out of casino-lined Tunica Lake, where the best bet around is filling coolers with catfish.)

    Our final stop on this year’s tour of Mississippi’s best catfishing locations takes us to the northwest corner of the state to Tunica Lake, an old oxbow off the Mississippi River.

    Many hunters think deer live largely silent lives, but bucks and does communicate often throughout the season. Here are some observations on what these sounds mean.

    The silence is broken. There, along the forest edge, are the faint echoes of a few soft grunting sounds. Setting your sights in that direction, you search the landscape.

    As in football, deer hunting involves place and times that maximize success. Here are some tips on closing the deal.

    Football has its share of special terms, usually created for marketing and later turned into a statistical category before eventually crossing the boundaries to become part of American language.

    December offers some challenges with deer, but the rewards of squirrel and rabbits are worth the effort. Here’s how to fill your limits.

    My back tight to the wide trunk of a white oak, the sun rising behind me was providing the first light in the tops of the two red oaks to my front.

    Everything you need to know to close the deal on a buck this month -- or limit out on small game or catch the fish of your choice -- is in this issue.