• March 2015 - Volume 17, Number 3


    Don’t judge 71-acre Lake Claude Bennett by its size until you fish its productive waters — which are chock full of bream. But there also are largemouth and crappie to be caught.

    About halfway between Laurel and Meridian lies Jasper County, home to Lake Claude Bennett, one of Mississippi’s best fishing holes. 

    The period when bass are preparing for the annual spawn is one of the best times of the year to connect with a lunker. Here are some tips to finding and engaging largemouth on their way into the shallows.

    It’s a time of great anticipation, great appetite and great opportunity. It’s the prespawn period, not exactly a great time to be a baitfish, but potentially one of the best to have a rod in your hand.

    Today’s aluminum boats ain’t your grandpa’s john boat. Instead, there are a multitude of choices that fit every hunting and fishing need.

    Traditionally, many have thought of aluminum boats as being somehow utilitarian and, well, basic. But that’s changed over that past decade or so, and now aluminum boats are built for every purpose imaginable — from carrying duck hunters into the swamp to screaming-fast bass boats to tricked out bay boats.

    These public lands can produce for hunters willing to work for their gobblers. Here are the best WMAs and how to score.

    It is a blessing to live in a state offering so much quality public hunting land. Whenever I get the chance to brag, I let my out-of-state hunting friends know that Mississippi is the place to come for deer hunting, small game hunting, and even some of the best fishing in the country, especially crappie.

    Mississippi’s 36 honey holes offer trophy fish in user-friendly, family-oriented settings. Here are some thoughts on how to take advantage of this wonderful system of state and state park lakes.

    Hesitating only slightly after plopping down in the lake, the little Styrofoam bobber shot completely out of sight beneath the surface of the still waters.

    The after-deer season lull is over. So learn everything you need to know to lay the hammer down on a spring gobbler. But don't forget that spring fishing is some of the best of the year.