• September 2015 - Volume 17, Number 9


    What can you expect when the deer-hunting season kicks off next month? We asked the state’s top biologists to share their thoughts.

    It started with a mere flash of movement.

    Without moving his head, the hunter shifted his vision to the spot in the forest. Was it just a bird, perhaps a squirrel? He studies the area, hoping for …

    How productive will your hunting days be on the state’s wildlife management areas? Listen to these biologists to plan your time afield — no matter what species you prefer.

    Mississippi’s great success in its century-long rebuilding of deer numbers, and to some degree, other wild game populations, has been matched in recent decades by a shift to quality deer management.

    The willow-filled and renovated Lake Jeff Davis produces some great fishing action, and this month is the time to be there.

    Editor’s Note: Stop No. 9 on writer Phillip Gentry’s year-long, statewide tour of Mississippi’s top public lakes takes us to Prentiss and Lake Jeff Davis, where two years after reopening after renovation; this one-time panfish paradise is producing a lot more action.

    With school back in session and the daily summer crowds have given way to sparse weekday fishing pressure, September is a perfect time to cast a line in the bushy waters of Jeff Davis Lake with a solid chance of getting a bite.

    There are a growing number of jighead options for crappie fishing, but which one is right? Here are some expert thoughts to help you decide.

    They’re familiar. Second-nature, perhaps. A utilitarian element that’s just always there.

    But, while jigheads might be far from fancy, they’re also far from inconsequential.

    The cutting edge has two sides: success and failure. Here’s how to walk that fine line when chasing deer.

    Being on the cusp of something implies being on the cutting edge, which can be either the edge of success or failure.

    Deer hunting is like that. 

    Hunting seasons kick off with doves this month, followed by all the deer, small-game and waterfowl action. Learn what WMAs should be on your trip list.