• October 2015 - Volume 17, Number 10


    Early bow season is a great time to put some meat in the freezer, as well as ambush bucks before hunting pressure makes them wary. Here are some expert tips to help you get that shot.

    Shane Easterling was brimming with anticipation as he secured his climbing tand high up a tree and prepared for the afternoon bowhunt in one of his favorite places.

    Head to the Leaf River for bass, bream, catfish and soul-satisfying quiet. Here’s how to make it happen.

    A fallen log with a root ball still attached and a gravel bar worked to form a deep hole right along the bank. 

    To the right was the rock bar.

    To the left was the fallen tree.

    Elevated stands are fantastic deer-hunting tools, but what if you find the perfect ambush location without a climbable tree in sight? That’s when ground blinds come into play, and here are some ideas on making yours the perfect setup.

    I’ve been hunting from the ground most of my adult life. Like most hunters, my father put me in a ladder stand made of 2-by-4s and plywood at a young age, and from this perch I learned how to watch squirrels, birds and the occasional deer without the fear of being seen.

    If you’re not quite ready to hit the woods for the hunting season, the Mississippi River can provide plenty of catfishing action. Learn how these big-cat hunters fill their freezers.

    It looked like a sea monster when it first came up.

    The wide, slate-gray body did a rolling churn when it surfaced in the turbid Mississippi River water.

    This was good!

    With aid from state agencies, Okatibbee Lake in East Mississippi is red hot — and should be on any crappie anglers’ list of hotspots.

    Editor’s Note: Stop No. 10 on our year-long look at the state’s best public fishing holes is a perfect October destination. Okatibbee Lake, northwest of Meridian near Collinsville, fits the bill. Best known for crappie, it’s also got bass and catfish. For added fun, pack your guns and bows to hunt the neighboring Okatibbee WMA.

    Our best state lake for October might be a misnomer. Okatibbee Lake near Meridian is so far the largest body of water profiled through 10 months of our yearlong series, and it might not exactly fit the “state” description.

    Up your odds at downing a deer by hunting whenever a window opens — and then controlling your wanderlust.

    Time on task is the No. 1 contributing factor to deer hunter success, yet it is that exact time quotient that often restricts most hunters from getting quality hunting afield.

    Opening day has finally arrived, and we share some tips on how to ensure success when that unsuspecting buck steps out.