• November 2015 - Volume 17, Number 11


    Based on plain common sense, these ideas make hunting tolerable — even when the mercury is rising.

    Are we crazy to hunt when it is too hot, too muggy, or under conditions that are just plain miserable?

    Well, of course we are.

    Pickwick Lake bass anglers can achieve nirvana by working bluff the banks in back of Bear and Yellow creeks this month. Here are some tips for success.

    Telling a dancer to “work on those steps” might come across rather crass, but on Pickwick Lake, that’s just sensible advice for fall bass fishing. 

    Outdoorsmen will appreciate the quiet operation, instant starting ability and lightweight construction of STIHL battery-powered equipment. Each tool in this innovative battery system is powered by Lithium-Ion technology, delivering long run times with no gradual drop in power. Because their Lithium-Ion batteries are designed to be swapped between STIHL Battery KombiSystem tools, you can use a single battery to tackle a wide range of outdoor projects – no gasoline required.

    Simpson County Lake is stocked with bass and bream, but the little lake becomes a hot crappie hole in November. Here’s how to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Editor’s Note: Stop No. 11 on Phillip Gentry’s year-long look at the state’s best public fishing holes is a perfect November destination. Simpson County Lake, just off U.S.Highway 49 between Magee and Mendenall, becomes a crappie fishing destination as the weather cools. The rest of the year, it’s famous for big bream and fat bass. 

    Simpson County Lake Manager John Lee wasn’t being flippant when he answered the question of the best place to catch fish this month. 

    The seasons-long pursuit of giant buck helped Van Cleave mature as a hunter. Here’s how he finally killed this big buck — and matured as a hunter along the way.

    Deer hunting can be an agonizing sport of missed shots, fleeting encounters and squandered opportunities. Days afield can become weeks and months, and in the case of Barrett Van Cleave, years before the hunt for a certain trophy comes to fruition. 

    Every hunter has some maxims used to determine best times to be in the woods, but are these guidelines based on facts? These biologists share the truth behind some of the common beliefs.

    It’s the middle of hunting season and you glance at the weather forecast for the weekend: There’s going to be a full moon.

    Deer seasons are in full swing, and this edition offers tips and tactics to help you track down and ambush the buck of your dream.