• December 2015 - Volume 17, Number 12


    There’s plenty of crappie action to be found following the creek channel and targeting deep brush at Lake Lincoln State Park.

    Editor’s Note: Our 12-month tour of state fishing lakes across the entire state ends at a place crappie anglers will love as winter arrives – Lake Lincoln State Park near Wesson.

    Fans of crispy fried crappie will savor the last stop of our year-long tour of the best state-run fishing lakes in Mississippi, especially those who love in the southwest and central areas of the state and have a holiday taste for fish.

    The Mississippi Delta offers the best of all waterfowling worlds, with ducks flocking to standing timber and the ample ag fields. Which option is more productive all depends on the conditions.

    Twas cold and shivering, all through that pit blind in the heart of Mississippi’s Delta. The low, early morning sky spit a bit of sleet, rain and even snow through the light fog.

    There’s no substitute for experience, whether your own or shared by others. Here are some basic tips to ensure you put yourself in the position to take that big buck.

    Reading and researching strategies, especially those used by veteran hunters, is a great way to start improving your hunting skills and increasing your chances of killing more trophy bucks.

    Want to up your odds of deer-hunting success? Then forget the open woods and focus on the edges, using these tips to locate likely hotspots.

    Two very special events happen in December, Christmas and the whitetail deer rut. Deer hunters look forward to both with unbridled enthusiasm. 

    Get the basics to ambushing a trophy like this buck killed last season.