• April 2016 - Volume 18, Number 4


    April is the peak time for these sporty panfish to hit the beds, and these experts tell you all you need to know to catch them.

    Plop! The first cast of a worm-filled hook, sinker and small cork hit the shallow water of the Old Natchez Trace Lake at Trace State Park with a light sound.

    The Styrofoam float wiggled a few times as the tackle and worm wad beneath it fluttered down toward the bottom, finally settling for a millisecond before ….

    Bloop! Zeeeee!

    April is a great month to be fishing crappie at Pickwick Lake. And these guides tell you the patterns that will fill the boat.

    Pickwick Lake on Mississippi’s northeast border with Alabama and Tennessee has earned a solid reputation as a crappie fishery, and its deep, clear and cool waters present anglers a different challenge.

    Mississippi has plenty of public land overrun with turkeys, but are there real hotspots? Try these WMAs and national forests to find plenty of action this month.

    It is no secret that Mississippi has turkeys — lots of them. 

    That, and its early season, is why a lot of hunters, including many from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky, compete with resident hunters for the thrill of the call and the gobble.

    Mississippi’s newest Bassmaster Elite Series pro shares the keys to leveraging square-billed crankbaits for heavy stringers of bass.

    Brock Mosley zipped a crankbait across the shallow flats and cranked it down until it was bumping the bottom and glancing off stumps and brush tops.


    Before you can bag a trophy gobbler, you’ve got to know where to find one. Here’s how to turn a turkey’s mind-set into an asset.

    Turkeys have the reputation for being notoriously difficult to kill, especially for novices hunters.

    But with enough time spent in the woods it’s likely you can consistently bag birds each spring.

    With the peak of turkey season upon us, learn how to think like a tom to put one on the ground.