• May 2016 - Volume 18, Number 5


    Arkabutla’s brush-line banks make it perfect for vertical trolling in the spring. And there are some big crappie to be had. So don’t drive past this little gem.

    Mississippi’s reputation as a destination for crappie fishermen is unparalleled, with its waters offering action that is the envy other of states.

    That action peaks in the spring, when anglers from around the country descend on the Magnolia State.

    Try these experts’ fishing tips to snatch big bass on plastic frogs.


    The water of Neshoba County Lake exploded when a huge bass smashed Tyler Temple’s black plastic frog.

    The angler waited a split second until he could feel the fish pull against his rod tip, and then he set the hook deep into the jaws of the big largemouth. The enraged fish began to fight, splashing a second time before diving for the cover of its “salad patch” home.

    Don’t turn around and go home when your favorite lake looks like chocolate milk. Instead, put your nose down and use these pros’ tactics to catch more bass.

    When runoff makes the water murky, bass don’t give up on eating — so fishermen shouldn’t give up on catching them. 

    You just have to understand how fish use different sensory elements from sight to sound to water displacement.

    Summer is hard on deer, so food plots are probably more important when the temperatures soar than during hunting season. Here are some thoughts on keeping your herd healthy.

    Land and wildlife managers have accepted the value of summer food plots as a long-term tool in deer management, providing nutrition for deer at the time when bucks are growing antlers and does are preparing to or are already feeding fawns. 

    As with any endeavor these summer plots, which are planted in the spring, can be as simple or involved as you wish them to be. If you have a fall plot or plots already then you are ahead of the game, and if you will be clearing or improving an existing plot, then you’re in for a bit more work. 

    Try these three destinations for your best opportunities to catch spotted bass.

    Robbie Bridges rocked his bass boat with great force when he set the hook. A second later, with his knees and back bending against the pull of the fish and the current, he made his plea. 

    Bass will be looking for fatten up after the rigors of the spawn this month, so learn the best places and tactics to catch your share.