• July 2016 - Volume 18, Number 7


    After an accident claimed a foot, this Ackerman outdoorsman turned to duck hunting and a new retriever — along with friends and family — to help his recovery. Learn how he is inspiring others with his determination.

    Michael Rhodes of Ackerman became an avid outdoorsman quite naturally, growing up in Alabama the son of a man who trained and hunted mountain cur squirrel dogs and chased deer.

    Combine the two completely different approaches to bass fishing to trigger bites while others struggle.

    In the word association game, “finesse” and “heavy” are not typically connected. However, there exists a strategic melding of the two concepts in which “heavy finesse” tactics can yield big results in the bass-fishing world.

    There are plenty of cats in Pickwick, providing anglers with plenty of options. So whether you’re after blues, channels or flatheads, the choice is yours.

    Catfishing in the state of Mississippi is mostly associated with the Mighty Mississippi River on the west side of the state.

    Even the Tenn-Tom Waterway on the east side of the state night seem more of catfish destination than any reservoir. 

    Lake waters stratify when the heat of the summer really kicks in, and that means you don’t have to dredge the depths for bass. Instead, fish head shallow to find oxygenated water.

    Terry Bates cast his crankbait across a submerged ledge a few feet off a sandbar and cranked it down. A Delta river bass smashed his offering, and then exploded through the water’s surface like a missile.

    If you want to expand your fishing game, hit the water at night — but leave behind your rod and reel. Instead, take a bow and help control the populations of trash fish in the state’s waters.

    All us Southerners know how oppressive our summer days can be. No, make that down right tortuous, especially during a long day — or even a night — of fishing on the water.

    That’s right, even fishing long after the sun has set offers little relief to the stagnant, constant humidity.

    Summertime is catfish time, and there's no better place than Pickwick. Learn everything you need to know to catch your share.