• September 2016 - Volume 18, Number 9


    With hunting seasons cranking up, regional biologists provide glimpse at the best public hunting areas. Now all you have to do is schedule your vacation time.

    Easing slowly through a thicket alongside a natural slough, I spotted a deer crossing heavy with fresh buck rubs and scrapes, sending my adrenalin into high gear with anticipation … 

    … When a strange feeling came over me.

    Have you ever felt like someone or something was watching you? 

    Trail cams are only effective if bucks walk in front of them, so where you place them is important. Here are some pointers to make the most of your camera scouting.

    Trail cameras just take photographs. They are not a magic bullet and will not make you a better hunter. 

    However, they can yield vital deer herd profile information, and this data can be very revealing for a landowner, game manager, and certainly a deer hunter. This photo information can make hunters better game managers, and in turn become more successful deer hunter as well.

    Teal and dove seasons overlap for 16 days — and the Delta offers the opportunity to limit out on both species. Here are some tips from hunters who regularly double up.

    The total opposite of most avid dove hunters, Jacob Sartain of Madison wouldn’t mind seeing a rainy cold front blow through the Mississippi Delta over Labor Day Weekend.

    “Crazy, right?” Sartain said. “I know it would ruin a lot of dove-hunting plans on opening weekend, but in the long run it would create an opportunity later in the month that would be worth it for a lot of us.

    Stocking up with enough crappie for September fish fries isn’t that difficult — if you pay attention to these trolling teachers.

    Pulling crankbaits to catch crappie in the state of Mississippi is almost a guarantee to catch at least some crappie on any given day of the year on almost any body of water. 

    Historically anglers thought of the big U.S. ARMY Corps of Engineer Flood Control Project lakes along I-55 as being the best, and summertime was the only time trolling with crankbaits worked.

    Follow this month-long regimen to prepare for bow season

    September is a magical time for Mississippi deer hunters. 

    The average daily temperature is dropping just a bit, and the first hunting seasons are opening, like dove and teal.

    College football is cranking up, and the lights are on Friday nights at half the high schools in Mississippi.

    The clock is ticking on your preseason preparation. So make sure you’re ready when the season opens, and find out which WMAs you’ll want to target.