• October 2016 - Volume 18, Number 10


    October’s cooling and stabilizing waters bring out beastly catfish on the Mississippi River, and these anglers know just how to drag them into the boat.

    Bob Crosby of Madison has been fishing the Mississippi River along the outskirts of the town of Vicksburg for over 15 years. Crosby is a catfishing guide who realized early the potential that was sitting right under his nose.

    While bow season is often not viewed as trophy time, these hunters know monster bucks are vulnerable in those first few weeks of hunting. Here are their tips on sticking a wallhanger.

    On cue, the big buck appeared right where Marc Dulaney thought it would, walking into view exactly where it had disappeared the afternoon before.

    Some folks over think everything, but the KISS system is best when scouting for deer — even with all the technology available today.

    Scouting the illusive white-tailed deer buck has changed rather dramatically over the past couple of decades, from more of an art to a science, thanks to technology and the new strategies that it has created.

    What once was simply the skill of stealthy slipping around before season to look for deer sign and deer, is now technologically based. Trail cameras do the heavy lifting, giving us a 24-7 eye in the woods.

    Fall is when bass begin ganging up and following baitfish migrations, and these expert anglers knows jerkbaits are still one of the best producers around.

    Word association games show us our true perceptions by drawing forth gut responses.

    Say the word “jerkbait,” and many anglers would likely say “cold” — and they would not be entirely wrong.

    However, they’d also not be entirely right.

    Squirrels are fun to hunt and great to eat — and there are plenty of public places to fill your limit. Here’s a rundown of what you need and where to go.

    Squirrel hunting was once the icon shooting sport in Mississippi, but its popularity was greatly diminished during the white-tailed deer population explosion of the latter 20th century.

    Despite a slight resurgence in the last decade, it’s unlikely that the sport will ever be celebrated with the ardor it once was.

    That is a shame.

    The season is finally here, so are you ready? We give you all you need to know to put down a trophy early.