• November 2016 - Volume 18, Number 11


    What hunters call obstacles, trophy deer consider prime habitat.

    Hunters take few deer, especially mature trophy bucks, standing broadside in wide-open spaces. We probably harvest a majority of our meat locker does in open food plots out in plain sight, but not usually the bucks. 

    Seriously, how many nice wall-hangers have you seen outside of deep cover? During the rut, maybe, but chances are even pretty slim then, too. 

    Boone & Crockett record book bucks, or “Booners,” rarely expose themselves, except by accident. 

    The onset of winter can make bass a bit schizophrenic, with constantly changing weather changing the bite at least daily. Learn how these touring pros overcome the three moods of winter bass to build hefty stringers.

    From watching tapes to Google searches to live event attendance, scouting the other team or individual athlete is a strategy deeply woven into the fabric of most sports.

    A deer’s No. 1 defense is its nose, as many a hunter can attest. But is scent elimination possible? This successful bowhunter doesn’t think so — but he’s come up with a system to overcome the vaunted olfactory senses of his prey.

    As bucks go, it wasn’t a record-setter, but it was a good one — a real good one.

    Adrenaline surged through the hunter’s body. A few more steps and the deer would be in the angled just right to launch an arrow.

    A morning on Lake Washington provides the entrée for a football fish fry. Here’s how you can fill the ice chest with succulent catfish.

    If you have never attended a combination fish fry and football tailgate party in Mississippi, you have missed out on one of life’s great pleasures. The state is well represented when its colleges are on the field and catfish fillets are in the fryer.

    Passionate waterfowlers know success rarely comes easy, and this die-hard hunter contends that means year-round work. Learn his keys to annual success.

    Mallards suddenly appeared — mysteriously and seemingly out of nowhere — and begin to fly around the waterhole dotted with molded plastic representatives of themselves.

    The season is wide open, and you can find everything you need to put a tag on the buck of your life.