• December 2016 - Volume 18, Number 12


    Use these tips to help get a trophy buck prior to the beginning of the rut in North Mississippi.

    The hunting terrain across northern Mississippi is some of the most varied in the state, giving hunters opportunities to take deer from the lower reaches of the Appalachians to the deep rich Delta soils along the Mississippi River. 

    Plenty of hunting land is available, both private and public, with 17 Wildlife Management Areas open to hunting in either the Northwest or Northeast Regions. 

    This Mississippi Delta hunter’s full lanyard proves Mississippi is a new specklebelly hotspot. And he shares all of his tricks.

    December is all about the jingle.

    For some, it’s the money, leaving and/or filling their pockets. Still others cherish the sounds of the Christmas season.

    For serious waterfowlers, like Jay Gunn, it’s that familiar sound that emanates from the waterfowl blind when the duck and goose bands on his call lanyard come in contact to make a kind of music only hunters can appreciate.

    Discover how this hunter’s diligence from Day 1 prove learning how to pattern bucks can pay off.

    “Pattern” is a term often used in the outdoors, especially as it relates to hunting and fishing.

    Webster’s has several definitions, but one hits a bulls-eye when as it applies to white-tailed deer: “a composite of traits or features characteristic of an individual, such as in behavioral patterns.” 

    Hunters love the magical period called ‘the rut,’ but it has its nuances. Here’s everything you need to know to get in position for an ambush.

    Nothing excites the mind of deer hunters as the mention of “The Rut.”

    Vacations — and even sick days — are planned around it.

    Hunting magazines devote pages to it.

    Millions of dollars are spent on accessories designed for it.

    When it’s too warm to deer hunt — or you just need a break from the stand — head to one of these five fishing hotspots for all the action you can stand.

    It wasn’t when the first mosquito bit, or when another one flew into my ear that got my goat — it was when two at one time zeroed in on my mouth and rode an inhale deep down my throat.

    I coughed, I choked and, between gags, I cussed like a sailor in a hurricane.

    The rut can be a blessing and a curse for deer hunters. But if you do everything right, you'll tag a trophy like this one killed by 14-year-old Braydon Muse of Florence.