• February 2017 - Volume 19, Number 2


    Potential state-record buck highlights season

    It’s been a strange year, in terms of big bucks. Sure, there have been a number of really nice deer killed.

    But the 2016-17 deer season didn’t seem to live up to the hight standards set the past couple of seasons.

    Rabbit hunting provides a great opportunity for some old-fashioned family time. And the resulting stews aren’t bad, either. Here’s everything you need to know.

    When it comes to rabbits, it’s best to forget fairy tales and think furry tails.

    Long the icon of nursery rhyme cuteness, a rabbit’s biggest fan is the modern hound-owning rabbit hunter.

    The coldest month of the year produces some of the hottest bass action. And these experts tell you how to get the most out of your days on the water.

    Dan Smith stared in disbelief, confounded, like he couldn’t believe the question had been asked about the productivity — and sanity — of bass fishing in February.

    Especially since he was drying his hands after releasing an 8-pound sow back into the lake, shortly after it had devoured his crankbait.

    Bobbers keep lures dangling in front of wintertime crappie, but casting a rig from which feet of line is dangling can be a major pain. Here’s the solution.

    In most activities, a slip-up is a bad thing. Botched snap that leads to a recovered fumble, dropping an easy fly ball, missing that breakaway slam dunk — all bad.

    But for crappie fishermen, a slip-up can actually refer to a well-planned tactic for tempting those tasty schooling fish.

    The federal conservation order allows light goose hunting through to March, but there’s more to success than just lurking in a field. Learn how to score from these proven hunters.

    The geese were so high that I doubted our decoy spread and our loud electronic caller would pull those high-flying birds down to the ground within shooting range. But as the day wore on, I learned how wrong I could be. 

    Aluminum boats have come a long way in a short period of time. Fishermen are flocking to them as features are added.

    Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part Sportsman Boat Showcase. Click here to read Part I on 2017’s Top Fiberglass Boats.

    Aluminum boats are often described with these terms: utilitarian, practical, serviceable, functional and no-frills. In actuality, aluminum boat are all that and more; so much more.

    Aluminum boats are built for every purpose, from work boats, to dressed-out fishing boats and even luxury yachts. The john boats that come to mind when many folks think about aluminum are an important segment of the market, but they’re not the only aluminum boat design. Nope, not by a long shot.  

    For big game hunters, pigs help fill February’s gap between deer and turkey seasons. These hog hunters share their approach to bagging oinkers.

    What’s a big game hunter to do after the deer season ends and the spring turkey season is still over a month away? Sad time, this month of February, eh?

    It doesn’t have to be, not in Mississippi, where wild hogs have become oh-to-commonplace. February is a great time to be chasing pig, not that any month is not a good time to enjoy hoggin’.

    This amazing Canemount WMA buck killed by Josh Clark highlights the 2016-17 Deer of the Year class.