• March 2017 - Volume 19, Number 3


    Turkey numbers are up, but does that mean a banner hunting year? Here’s what the experts say.

    Yelp, yelp, yelp.

    The striker extracts notes from a slate covered box, and the sound descends the ridge and mingles with the morning fog. In the distance a woodpecker hammers away at a potential meal in a rotting tree. A cardinal calls and a wren darts and flits through the understory. 

    While the crowds are ganged up around woody shorelines, use this championship crappie catcher’s advice to get away from the crown and load up on March slabs.

    It’s crappie season in Mississippi, the most famous “perch jerking” state in the Union, where this time of the year on any major body of water you can find anglers nearly shoulder to shoulder hoping to catch a limit.

    There’s one key to early season turkey success: Being ‘relentlessly patient.’ These expert hunters tell you why it’s important to tagging a longbeard.

    Somewhere down in the bottom, along a creek bed out of sight in the duskiness of dawn, there’s a gobbler sitting on a limb answering your calls with thunderous gobbles.

    If you’re looking for a little extra action, the new swing-head jigs are perfect. And these bass-fishing experts tell you everything you need to know about how to use them effectively.

    In a lake, there is no takeout menu, no vending machines, no Amazon. If you’re a bass, what you got is what you got.

    Life is fine, as long as the crawfish and finfish remain in ample supply. But suffice it to say that if something different comes strolling down the lane, the “Oh boy!” factor kicks in big time.

    Big cats can be caught all year on the Big Muddy, if you know the techniques. And this professional guide doesn’t mind sharing his secrets.

    Capt. Bob Crosby motored out to the Mississippi River and we were greeted with beautiful marmalade-colored skies and crisp, cold weather as a cold front of passed through.

    Spring means it’s time to hit the woods in pursuit of the wiliest bird God ever created. And we’ve got all the information you need to find success.