• April 2017 - Volume 19, Number 4


    Trapping is the most effective means of controlling the runaway hog population, but hunting can certainly be fun. Here are some tips.

    The green field was lush, the sun was bright and already several does had entered the patch where the sun had melted the frost.

    The deer hunt was shaping up nicely. 

    You can try to reinvent the wheel to kill birds, or just stick with these tried-and-true techniques to tag a wily gobbler.

    The Eastern wild turkey is either the dumbest bird on the planet, or the smartest.

    Every spring, this majestic and elusive bird falls to the simplest of attempts to harvest him. 

    The versatility of the soft-plastic craw makes it the perfect choice to catch spring bass. Here are how the pros use the lure to maximize their time on the water.

    ROI — return on investment. Now, that’s a phrase we don’t often use in fishing, yet, it’s that’s precisely the logic upon which Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mark Menendez bases his top choice for soft plastic diversity.

    Spoiler alert: We’re talking about craw baits.

    This Topton hunter learned turkey hunting’s ins and outs from a legend of the sport, and now he’s passing that knowledge to the next generation.

    Jeff Davis headed across the pasture in the quiet, pitch-black darkness before dawn, already knowing where the birds roosted and wanting to be the battle-tested gobbler’s first suitor of the day.

    The Magnolia State is No. 1 when it comes to crappie fishing — and there are so many options it’s hard to decide where to go. Here are some thoughts to help with that decision.

    Sliding his feet along the lake bottom, Ronny Garrison approached some buck brush just off the bank in a cove on Grenada Lake.

    With an 11-foot pole, he dropped a 1/16-ounce jig in the brush and danced it around.

    The timing is perfect for the pros to find big post-spawn bass shallow during the Bassmaster Elite Series stop at Barnett Reservoir this month. Here’s what to expect.

    One of Barnett Reservoir’s best bass anglers — and winner of the last big Bassmaster event held on the lake — is jealous of the fishermen who will compete in Mississippi’s first-ever Elite Series tournament at the lake on April 27-30.

    If you haven’t tagged out yet, you still have some time — if you know how to outfox that old tom.Photo by Mike O. Giles.