• August 2017 - Volume 19, Number 8


    Decades of MDWFP stressing antlerless harvest ends abruptly.

    Befuddled, an adjective, defined by Webster to mean a state of confusion, with synonyms, among others, like discombobulated, bewildered, dazed and stupefied.

    Elite pros like Cliff Pace tell you where and how to catch them.

    When the heat of summer settles over Mississippi, the Bassmaster Elite pros who make a living by bass fishing will be taking a northern turn and fishing on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain in the state of New York and on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

    Preseason preparation, especially in August, is the key to good hunts

    A flock of dipping and darting doves flew into the field near Stonewall, heading toward Scott Davis.

    Summertime is the right time to throw big worms

    Baseball, watermelon, pool parties — if you’re making a list of summer faves, don’t forget that big worm. See, bass bites can be hard to come by during the dog days of summer, as the big green dudes spend most of their time sulking in deep offshore haunts, or in the shadows of docks or large trees. Locked in general lethargy, the fish prefer gobbling one big meal over chasing several smaller ones.

    Don’t just look for deer, look at all of nature’s indicators

    Deer hunters never really adhere to a season; there are just certain days when we are allowed to harvest whitetails with our preferred method.

    Summertime is the time to unleash large plastics rigged a variety of ways. Even a shaky head can catch whoppers like this 7 pounder. Photo by David Hunter Jones.