• September 2017 - Volume 19, Number 9


    WMAs produce quality public-hunting lands within easy reach of all Mississippi hunters.

    Josh Clark spotted the massive buck working his way toward his stand, and, more importantly, toward the business end of his cocked-and-ready .35 Whelen rifle.

    Carry over is high, meaning more and bigger bucks this year.

    Mississippi is a deer-rich state. In spite of recent bag limit and regulatory changes hunters still have a long season and opportunities to harvest deer that are the envy of many hunters across the nation. A story on the new regulations can be found with this article.

    It’s time to prepare your property and hone your skills.

    Outdoorsmen are not necessarily procrastinators by nature, and the main reason so many deer hunters find themselves behind when it comes to preparing for the coming deer season is that they’ve been busy. 

    Mississippi’s barrier islands produce memories in September.

    From the front deck, standing high on my toes, I caught a flash of silver over the top of the dark emerald water about 100 yards ahead, and then I caught another.

    Make your frogs more effective by targeting your casts.

    It’s a double shot of adrenaline that widens the eyes, flares the jaws, red-lines the heart rate and elicits a broad spectrum of amazed responses; not all of which may be suitable for a family audience. Unquestionably, frog fishing over weed mats can deliver some of the most aggressively exaggerated strikes you’ll ever see — but it’s not as simple as throw-frog-onto-mat-and-pull.

    Can’t-miss dove tactics

    For generations upon generations as far back as the locals in little towns across the Deep South can remember, there has been a long-standing tradition of Labor Day weekend dove hunting. 

    Deer season arrives in Mississippi this month. Learn what your chances are around the state, and which public lands are tops.Photo by Rick Small.