• November 2017 - Volume 19, Number 11


    Early gun season across Mississippi offers deer hunters some great opportunities for tagging a big buck.

    Don’t try to tell ReAnn Chatham that hunting bucks early in the gun season, even in warm and windy weather, is a waste of time.

    Changing the factory hooks on your hard baits is an easy way to tweak your lure’s performance — and put more bass in the box.

    You buy a bait, remove it from the packaging, tie it to your line and make a cast. Everything should work as expected, right? Yeah, that’s generally how it goes; and as long as you’re selecting reputable products, you should expect reasonable teamwork between the piece that attracts a fish and the piece(s) that make them regret their mistake.

    Mississippi’s national wildlife refuges offer public-lands hunters unique opportunities for deer, small-game and hogs.

    The nest time you’re sitting in a stand or a blind, waiting for a deer to materialize in that sweet spot you’ve already picked out, ponder this: if you deer hunted a different tract of public land in Mississippi every week, you’d cover less than half of them. Our great state has just that much open, public land.

    Lake in southwest Mississippi has changed with age, but the bass are still feisty and will bite this month.

    The north boat ramp at Okhissa Lake in the Homochitto National Forest was nothing like it was in 2007 when the Bill Dance Signature Lake first opened. Instead of waiting for an endless line of eager anglers to launch their boats, I drove right up to the ramp and had my pick of the best parking spots. 

    With winter on the horizon, trout and redfish are in transition along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, and when they’re moving, they’re feeding, giving anglers great opportunities this month.

    Guide Ronnie Daniels knows November to be a fickle, feast-or-famine fishing month on the waters of and connected to the Gulf of Mexico, off Mississippi’s coast.

    Make sure you’re in the woods a week or two before the actual peak of the whitetail rut, and try these tricks to get that big buck in range

    With the arrival of November in Mississippi, rutting activity starts to fall across the northern tier of counties. 

    Learn how to tell what deer are communicating with body movements and you’ll have more hunting success.

    From using the latest technology in optics, attractants and calls to different hunting strategies in the woods, deer hunters are always looking for something that helps them gain an advantage over their quarry. 

    The onset of gun season across Mississippi this month means plenty of hunters will have a chance to run into some real trophy bucks if they employ tactics that deer-hunting experts explain in this issue.