• January 2018 - Volume 20, Number 1


    Here’s a quarterly look at what the Gulf of Mexico and inshore areas have to offer Mississippi fishermen in the coming year. Take notes and fill your coolers.

    Six very thick layers of clothing, including two outer ones resistant to water, helped break the chilly air during the 40-minute run across the west end of the Mississippi Sound.

    Hunting with dogs is a great way to bag a limit of squirrels after the trees shed their leaves.

    Everything was gray.

    The woods were drab, leafless and gray. The bare tree trunks and limbs were gray. The dead leaves underfoot were gray. The sky was heavily overcast with uniformly gray clouds.

    Drop-shotting might seem simple, but understanding how to make small adjustments to match specific situations can put more bass in the boat. Here are the pros’ tips.

    It’s the go-to rig for finessing finicky fish, nudging the cold-weary and lightly probing a variety of hard-cover scenarios from docks to laydowns to bridges.

    Don’t give up as deer season’s final days approach. Think outside the box, and you might put your tag on a nice buck

    Have you gone through a season when everything that could go wrong did, when it seemed that every hunter you know has harvested a buck but yourself.

    When water conditions are right, there’s no better place than the spillway below the Rez to catch a mess of winter crappie.

    A popular idiom for simplicity is to compare something to “shooting fish in a barrel.” It has no better application than some winter fishing opportunities on the Pearl River when the waters in the spillway below Barnett Reservoir begin to rise.

    Late-season waterfowl might be tough for many Delta hunters, but these tips should help keep those limits coming.

    The Central Flyway is probably the most-utilized of all of the flight paths that bring numerous species of waterfowl from their prairie pothole breeding grounds in the United States and Canada to the southern wintering grounds. 

    New Year’s Day is no time to give up chasing those big bucks that seem to have disappeared into Mississisppi’s woods and thickets. It just takes a little thinking outside the box.