• February 2018 - Volume 20, Number 2


    February is rabbit-hunting time in Mississippi. Be ready to hit the swamps and briars for swamp rabbits and cottontails.

    “Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles, and they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.”

    One would surmise that Jimmy Driftwood, who penned those lines in his song, Battle of New Orleans, which singer Johnny Horton took to No. 1 on Billboard charts in 1959, was a hunter.

    Low temperatures can concentrate catfish, help anglers this month on Mississippi’s Tenn-Tom Waterway

    February is one of the toughest months of the year to be outdoors. On the hunting side, many seasons are finished, and what big and small game that is available has seen a lot of traffic in the woods. 

    Deer of the year 2017-18

    Mississippi hunters put plenty of big bucks on the ground this past season.

    Grubs aren’t flashy, and they’re not in vogue right now. But they downright catch bass, and this month is prime time for the versatile lures.

    They’re kind of like the short stop of your tackle box, only without all the glamor and star power. Indeed, grubs are a multi-talented category of soft plastics whose lack of fanfare starkly contrasts their versatility.

    Don’t wait for the spawn to target Mississippi’s crappie. February marks the beginning of great prespawn fishing.

    Scott Vance dropped a few jigs into the water, but before he could get all his poles out, the action began. 

    February is beginning of a Mississippi largemouth bass’s trip to the spawn, and a great time for anglers to target the biggest of the big. Here’s how....

    Few things are more frustrating for an angler than seeing a large bass ignore his or her offering, which, well, darn it, becomes a pretty common occurrence in the early weeks of the spawn in Mississippi. 

    Crappie fishermen have dozens of styles of jigs from which to choose. Learn when and where to tie one on, and which styles match which fishing situations.

    Walk into any tackle shop this time of year and you’ll likely be overwhelmed with choices of crappie jigs to use to tempt one of the country’s favorite gamefish. How do you decide which one(s) to buy and use? 

    Finn Norsworthy, 10, from Brandon, was sitting in a double-ladder stand with his father, Mike, when he arrowed this 162-inch buck this past October.