• March 2018 - Volume 20, Number 3


    Planer boards allow fishermen to slow-troll their baits and lures in extremely shallow water as prespawn slabs move toward the bank. Here’s how to set up for this technique.

    By the time March rolls around, crappie fishermen across the southeast are chomping at the bit for waves of slabs to invade the shallows. And even though tight-line and long-line trolling techniques are proven winners, guides like Brad Taylor are adding another wrinkle, using planer boards to spread baits out even farther from the boat and access territory otherwise out of reach.

    The wind is rarely a problem when you chart your course for nearshore action out of Biloxi, and plenty of fish will be around to make the short run a success.

    The cast was a foot right of perfect, and the Boat Monkey float settled in the center of the concentric rings forming around its landing. A sea gull swooped down to check it out, only to turn away perhaps repulsed by the orange bobber —which suddenly was gone, jerked completely out of sight below the surf.

    Start youngsters on turkeys when they can understand and enjoy the process of calling in and taking a tom.

    Scott Ellis yelped, purred and clucked, and he was greeted with thunderous gobbles from a couple of fired-up gobblers.

    Spring’s prespawn period offers bass fishermen unique opportunities to catch active, hungry fish in shallow water. Make sure you don’t miss out.

    This winter has been a butt-kicker, but Pete Ponds isn’t worried. For one thing, the bass pro from Madison has plenty of warm clothing, and he’s thinking that recent weather patterns will produce more opportunities to catch fish during the seasonal transition period known as the prespawn.

    March marks the beginning of spring fishing for redear sunfish, especially on a handful of lakes managed by the state of Mississippi. Here’s the info on filling up your stringer.

    May is widely considered to be the best month for chasing bream, but die-hard panfisher anglers know that redear sunfish — aka chinquapin, shellcracker or just redear — move into their prespawn and spawning patterns much sooner than bluegill and other sunfish species that fall under the general colloquialism of “bream.”

    Spring brings crappie into the shallows in lakes across the Magnolia State. Here’s a list of go-to spots and go-to tactics to fill your cooler with slabs and your freezer with filets.

    Every spring, an eons-old phenomenon takes place in the lakes and streams of southeastern states: the waters warm, crappie move shallow and become active, and fishermen rejoice. They reap the bounty brought on by the predictable behavior of the fair-fleshed fish.

    There’s nothing like March in Mississippi,  when the crappie are overtaken by the urge to spawn, which puts them in range of an awful lot of fishermen with a hankering for sweet fillets. Photo by Dan Kibler.