• April 2018 - Volume 20, Number 4


    Barnett Reservoir’s crappie spawn peaks about the time your taxes are due. So pay Uncle Sam early so you can hit the shallows for slabs.

    Most people mark April 15 on their calendars as a reminder that their income tax forms are due.

    Don’t throw out those old wingbones, boxes and slates. With a little TLC, you might have something in your turkey vest that will goad a gobbler into making a fatal mistake.

    During a recent hunt in the Homochitto hardwoods of Franklin County, my hunting partner Shane McCullough and I weren’t having any luck luring in a tom. We heard several on the limb, but they were quickly joined by hens and went silent.

    Mississippi’s first case of the fatal deer disease creates many questions, few answers

    “Now is not the time to panic.”

    That’s how Russ Walsh opened the initial public meeting Feb. 22 after Mississippi’s first case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was confirmed in a 4½-year-old buck found dead in late January in Issaquena County. 

    When bass come off their spawning beds, they can be fickle, but they can still be caught. This bass pro has some ideas on the subject.

    Brock Mosley had cast a swim jig across a shallow flat, was working it through the pads stems, and …


    Try these four tricks when you’re having trouble getting a gobbler to pay attention to you and not his live girlfriends.

    Sitting on a flat rock, tucked in against the base of a big tree on the slope down the end of a long ridge, the hunter heard exactly what he wanted to hear in response to his first calls as dawn broke.

    Sinking, floating or suspending, this time-tested line of baits can put more fish in your boat — if you know how to use them.

    Fish can be caught any number of ways, but MirrOlures hold a special place with a number of saltwater fishermen, especially those who spend time in inshore waters.

    Four expert Mississippi turkey hunters share some of the tactics they’ve used to fool gobblers over the years, and some basics you should never forget

    “Just when I thought I knew all the answers to the turkey hunting test, they go and change all the questions.” 

    Turkey season is in full swing as April arrives, and Mississippi hunters can pick up plenty of tips on tricking gobblers, outwitting bossy hens and making old calls sound like new. Photo by Brian Carroll.