• August 2018 - Volume 20, Number 8


    Summer fishing trips are much more productive when you want until the sun sets to hit the water. Here are some nighttime tips for more bass.

    In the fading light, Justin Giles cast a shaky head worm toward a submerged shelf, and let the worm glide towards the bottom until it stopped — the start to a nighttime fishing trip that would get off to a …

    A rising tide doesn’t have to end your fishing day, especially during the summer, when water rushing into an estuary can set up a good bite in some great places.

    Temperatures soar over the peak summer months across the southeast, with daytime temperatures in the 90s almost every day. Anglers looking to fish during the best conditions should look at tide charts and be ready to take advantage of rising water if they want to bust a limit of inshore targets.

    Bass seek refuge from the heat just like anglers do — but that doesn’t mean they all head deep. Learn how focusing shallow could be the ticket for plenty of fish this summer.

    Nature is dynamic, and like a well-composed symphony, its performance comprises multiple complementary elements that rise and fall at the conductor’s direction. 

    Sight-fishing for bull reds in the Biloxi Marsh gives anglers a chance to hunt and fish at the same time. Here’s how....

    Mark Wright stood atop his boat’s tower, scanning the shallows along a shoreline in the Biloxi Marsh at the west end of the Mississippi Sound.

    Mississippi public-land deer are there for the taking, especially when archery season rolls around. take a look at this profile of the state’s best WMA opportunities.

    Choosing a Wildlife Management Area to hunt during Mississippi’s archery season can be as simple or as complex as your desired result, from chasing a trophy, putting meat on the table or just enjoying deer encounters.

    Long-line, crankbait and power trolling are hot-weather techniques that put crappie in your cooler.

    Standing on the lower deck of his boat, Torch Tindle paused after unhooking another crappie from his brightly colored jig to reflect on a crappie fishing experience a few summers ago.

    Fishing at Ross Barnett Reservoir has never been better, at least not in recent years, thanks to efforts from agencies and fishermen. And the good times may just be getting ready to really roll....

    In June in a normal year, Gene Bishop of Ridgeland would be looking for a first-place check after catching a five-bass tournament limit weighing 18 pounds on Barnett Reservoir.

    It’s hard to think of a more-exciting way to spend a summer day on  the water than sight-fishing for big reds in the Biloxi Marsh.